Azerion Acquires Hawk to Enhance Global Digital Advertising

Azerion Acquires Hawk to Enhance Global Digital Advertising

Azerion, a European digital ad and entertainment platform, has acquired the French tech company Hawk for approximately EUR 7M. This acquisition builds on their successful July 2022 partnership. Moreover, it’ll expand Azerion’s presence in the French, UK, and German markets.

Azerion specializes in content distribution and monetization. Hawk, on the other hand, partners with international agencies and brands to offer innovative omnichannel advertising solutions.

This acquisition enriches Azerion’s capacity to serve advertisers and brands, establishing a one-stop shop for comprehensive digital advertising services. Hence, it is likely to boost revenue growth and market leadership.

Renaud Biet, Co-founder of Hawk, shared,

“Joining Azerion will accelerate further the deployment of our omni-channel advertising solutions for agencies and advertisers. We’re very enthusiastic with our teams to participate in consolidating Azerion’s leadership position in the European digital advertising market.”

This move expands the range of advertising solutions to include:

  • Digital Out of Home (DOOH): DOOH refers to digital advertising displayed on screens in public spaces, such as billboards and transit stations, providing dynamic and targeted content to a broad audience.
  • Audio Advertising: It involves promoting products or services through audio platforms like radio, podcasts, or streaming services, reaching listeners with audio messages.
  • Connected TV (CTV): CTV delivers television content online, allowing viewers to access streaming services on their smart TVs or other digital devices.
  • Hyperlocal Advertising: Hyperlocal advertising targets a particular geographic area, aiming to reach consumers in a particular neighborhood or on a street-by-street basis.
  • Omni-Channel Buying Platform: This is a comprehensive system for purchasing advertising across various channels, providing advertisers with a unified approach to reach their target audience through multiple platforms.

Additionally, a three-year earn-out, capped at just over EUR 20 million, is set, with Hawk reporting EUR 50 million in revenue in 2022.

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