Cogito Secures Funding to Tackle Contact Center Challenges

Cogito Secures Funding to Tackle Contact Center Challenges

Real-time AI coaching and guidance provider Cogito, recently secured new funding to support contact center agents and improve customer experiences.

“Delivering a strong CX has never been more important than in today’s competitive, uncertain economy – and forward-looking companies know that a strong CX starts with their own employees,” said Joe DiSabato, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.

Contact Centers’ Key Challenges

The recent funding will be directed towards advancing generative AI and innovations in emotion and conversation AI to address specific challenges:

  1. Complex Customer Issues: Customer satisfaction has declined for two consecutive years, highlighting the need for more advanced solutions than chatbots. Cogito aims to use real-time intelligence to ensure consistently optimal customer experiences.
  2. High Agent Expectations: Agents are now required to handle complex issues and engage in sales activities. Cogito’s real-time AI coaching equips agents with the necessary resources.
  3. Reducing Employee Attrition: Employee attrition rates in contact centers have risen significantly. Cogito intends to enhance the employee experience with new intervention features, making agents more resilient and content.

Cogito’s AI-Powered Offerings

Cogito leverages emotion, conversation, and generative AI technologies to address these challenges.

“Humans alone cannot solve these challenges, but human-aware AI systems have the potential to dramatically improve both employee and customer experiences. We’re elated that this new funding both validates our approach, and gives us the ammo we need to make deep investments in emotion and conversation AI – helping us take enterprise-grade CX and EX to the next level,” said Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito. 

It offers three key solutions:

  1. Cogito Companion for Agents: This real-time AI system assists contact center agents during customer interactions. By analyzing 200 voice signals along with conversation context, it elevates customer experiences. Furthermore, it generates personalized coaching plans for agents to enhance their performance.
  2. Cogito Teams for Leaders & Quality Managers: This offering provides real-time insights into ongoing conversations. It allows supervisors to monitor customer and employee experiences, allowing them to intervene promptly. Moreover, it offers personalized coaching plans to support the team’s development.
  3. Cogito Intelligence for Enterprise Leaders: This solution targets leadership and analytics teams. It offers insights into CX and EX trends from all conversations, helping leaders track customer sentiment, accurately measure CX, and understand employee experiences. These insights inform operational strategies and mitigate retention risks.

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