Resco Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform

Resco Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform

Pioneering mobile tech company Resco is integrating its solutions with Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code/no-code platform designed to simplify application development.

Resco is making the following key solutions available on the Power Platform:

  1. Resco Forms+: This solution enables users to create complex forms for data collection, crucial for managing various types of data efficiently.
  2. Resco Docs+: With Resco Docs+, users can easily create and distribute unified documents. This simplifies document management and sharing within applications.
  3. Resco Steps+: This tool facilitates the development of step-by-step instruction guides.

The integration of Resco’s solutions with the Power Platform brings several advantages:

  • Streamlined App Development: By incorporating Resco’s pre-built functionalities, users can significantly reduce the need for custom coding.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The availability of ready-made solutions minimizes the ongoing requirement for code maintenance, ultimately saving on maintenance expenses.
  • Future-Proof Integration: Resco’s integration with Microsoft ensures compatibility with future updates, guaranteeing long-term value and adaptability.
  • Time-to-Market and Cost-to-Market Reduction: Faster development due to the integration leads to quicker prototypes and lower development costs.
  • Offline Mode Support: Resco’s offline mode functionality is valuable in challenging environments where connectivity is limited, ensuring uninterrupted app functionality even when offline.

Hence, Resco’s integration with the Power Platform empowers users to address complex frontline challenges.

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