Highlight’s Full-Stack App Platform Generates $8M in Seed Capital

Highlight’s Full-Stack App Platform Generates $8M in Seed Capital

San Francisco-based startup Highlight, whose main goal is streamlining web application observability, launched its Full-stack app flagship in the market. It’s a free and open-source monitoring platform that gives teams an in-depth overview of the full application stack.

In addition, the company announced that it generated $8 million in seed capital. Afore Capital and Craft Ventures led the investment with participation from Y Combinator (W23), Neo, Day One Ventures, Worklife Ventures, and Fuel Capital. Prominent angels include Siqi Chen, Scott Banister, Sahil Bloom, Jordan Segall, and Calvin French.  Highlight will use this money to expand the features and scalability of its products, as well as to drive philanthropic efforts.

Businesses have gotten optimistic about simplifying their development activities in response to the emergence of digitally informed consumers. Monitoring has become vital to streamlining the company process to compete and evolve in today’s society. Several monitoring tools, such as New Relic and Datadog, have emerged recently. However, most of these remain limited in scope, addressing user-side issues or back-end errors. This compels engineers to manually integrate front-end and back-end data for root cause analysis, decelerating the overall resolution process.

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Highlight, on the other hand, has identified the underlying reasons and developed the finest answers. The company offers a unified system that provides businesses a complete view of the full application stack. Achieving this involves combining three crucial capabilities: full-stack error tracking, front-end session replay, and logging. When these three elements converge, developers can swiftly detect and address issues. This eliminates the need for the laborious manual compilation of data. Before the public launch, the company released the platform’s codebase and gained tremendous traction.

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