EarthGrid PBC Raises $3.3 Million via Netcapital Funding Portal

EarthGrid PBC Raises $3.3 Million via Netcapital Funding Portal

Netcapital Inc. has facilitated a successful capital offering for EarthGrid Public Benefit Corporation, securing approximately $3.3 million through its funding portal platform as part of a $30 million seed funding round. These funds will support EarthGrid’s mission to develop plasma boring technology and create a nationwide network of underground transmission lines.

This decision has welcomed over 1,000 new stakeholders, supporting the company’s long-term growth and value creation. EarthGrid PBC specializes in revolutionary plasma tunnel-boring technology with the potential to transform the U.S. grid infrastructure. Their ambitious vision involves creating an extensive network of underground tunnels for efficient, clean energy and broadband transmission.

Additionally, EarthGrid PBC aims to enhance grid infrastructure’s safety and security by moving critical components underground, reducing the vulnerability to natural disasters. The collaboration between EarthGrid and Netcapital represents a pivotal stride towards a more resilient, sustainable, and technologically advanced infrastructure landscape, fundamentally reshaping the approach to clean energy transmission in the United States.

Martin Kay, Netcapital Inc. CEO, said in a statement:

Like many of the entrepreneurial companies that we support, we believe EarthGrid PBC is a true innovator, whose technology has been designed to fundamentally change the way tunnels and trenches are built and facilitate the transition to clean power. We congratulate their team on all of their accomplishments to date and prospects for an exciting future ahead.”

About Netcapital Inc.:

Netcapital Inc. is a fintech company that offers a technology platform for private companies to raise capital online. They also provide investment opportunities to private equity investors. Netcapital Advisors, their consulting group, offers marketing and strategic guidance and sometimes acquires equity in certain companies.

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