Redgate Introduces Revolutionary Test Data Manager

Redgate Introduces Revolutionary Test Data Manager

Redgate, a leading end-to-end database DevOps provider, has unveiled its latest innovation: Redgate Test Data Manager. This cutting-edge solution aims to simplify Test Data Management (TDM) challenges and enhance modern software development workflows across diverse databases. Redgate Test Data Manager facilitates the seamless integration of reliable and compliant test data delivery into any organization’s development processes.

Redgate Test Data Manager heralds a novel approach to database classification, masking, subsetting, data generation, cloning, and provisioning. According to David Gummer, Chief Product Officer,

“It isn’t just a new solution; it’s a new way of looking at how database processes can be seamlessly integrated into one end-to-end workflow.”

The tool’s simple design allows organizations to incorporate robust and auditable test data delivery into their workflows. The software performs critical tasks such as classification, masking, subsetting, and cloning. It automatically discovers and classifies data in SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle databases, masking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and producing a compact clone for developers. This process eliminates manual inefficiencies and empowers developers with self-service capabilities.

Accelerate data provisioning for testing and development. Image Credits: Redgate

The software caters to diverse preferences in its user interface. The software provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a Command Line Interface (CLI). The GUI offers a visually intuitive platform for managing the end-to-end process. The CLI enables automation and seamless integration into existing CI/CD pipelines, meeting the needs of developers who prefer reconfigurability.

With over two decades of expertise in database DevOps, Redgate has consistently pioneered advanced software development practices. Redgate Test Data Manager offers a holistic solution for organizations aiming to release customer value faster while ensuring data security.

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