Morgan Stanley’s $50M Boost for Early-Stage Tech

Morgan Stanley’s $50M Boost for Early-Stage Tech

Morgan Stanley Investment Management has announced the successful closure of the Morgan Stanley Level Fund, L.P., by raising $50 million. This includes big names like Hearst, Microsoft, Walmart, and more. 

The goal of the fund is to invest in promising early-stage technology companies. With a focus on nurturing innovation in the tech sector, the fund invests in cutting-edge technologies and startups changing the landscape of industries. Next Level is a part of the $200 billion alternative business that leverages the specialized skills of the Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab and HearstLab to make strategic investments.

Alice Vilma, Co-Portfolio Manager of Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund, said: “There is an immense opportunity to provide overlooked entrepreneurs with much-needed capital and resources to help them succeed. With the support of our corporate partners, we are committed to driving a more equitable funding landscape for promising startups.

This aligns with Morgan Stanley’s vision of fostering technological innovations and advancements. By investing in early-stage startups, the company is positioning itself as a key player in shaping the future of technology, showing commitment to groundbreaking ideas. 

At the fund’s closure, the company invested a quarter of the capital across nine companies. This includes Bodily, AptDeco, HourWork, tomo, cohesion, and more. Tovah Haim founded Bodily, a startup providing information and products to support women from pregnancy to postpartum, including those who have experienced pregnancy loss. The fund invested in Series A investment in Bodily.

David N. Miller, Managing Director and Head of Morgan Stanley Private Credit & Equity, said, “We are pleased to increase access to capital for underrepresented founders in our target sectors, and we are proud to partner with like-minded companies that share our commitment to closing the early-stage funding gap. In addition to providing capital, our differentiated investment approach alongside our fund partners’ strategic expertise seeks to improve financial and operational outcomes for our portfolio companies.”

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