Aptus.AI Secures 3 Million Euros in Pre-Series A Funding Round

Aptus.AI Secures 3 Million Euros in Pre-Series A Funding Round

Aptus.AI, a Pisa-based startup founded by Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei, has closed a pre-Series A funding round, securing 3 million euros to advance its transformative technology in the regulatory (RegTech) sector.

Aptus.AI stands out as a visionary startup that translates its mission into action. The company’s core mission is to transform compliance activities from obligatory cost centers into drivers of business opportunities. By revolutionizing how large organizations interact with legal documents, Aptus.AI aims to change the game in compliance management.

The venture capital firm P101 Sgr takes the lead in this funding round, with its Programma 103 making a significant investment in Aptus.AI. Notable contributions also come from business angels and Fin+Tech, the accelerator of CDP Venture Capital, reflecting the growing confidence in Aptus.AI’s innovative approach.

AI-Powered Solutions

Aptus.AI’s flagship product, the Daitomic platform, showcases the power of artificial intelligence in converting legal documents into interactive, machine-readable versions. This transformative tool streamlines compliance management and reshapes the perception of its impact on business operations. Lorenzo De Mattei, Co-Founder and CTO, emphasizes the innovation, stating,

“The heart of our artificial intelligence is its revolutionary ability to convert legal documents of any format into a machine-readable standard.”

Giuseppe Donvito, Partner of P101, expresses excitement about joining forces with Aptus.AI. He emphasizes the trust in Aptus.AI’s product, stating,

“The transaction arises from the trust we have in the team and the significant interest shown by major banking and insurance institutions in Aptus.AI’s product.”

As the RegTech market is projected to reach 15.6 billion dollars by 2027, Aptus.AI’s innovative solutions position it strategically in this high-growth sector.

Addressing Compliance Challenges

Aptus.AI tackles a critical challenge in compliance adjustment by addressing the absence of documents in machine-readable format. The Diatomic platform’s revolutionary ability to convert legal documents into a machine-readable standard opens up new possibilities for precise and efficient Generative AI models.

Andrea Tesei expresses confidence in Aptus.AI’s future,

“By combining AI for data extraction with generative AI, our solution can achieve a very high level of precision in responses even for a complex and nuanced field like the legal one, with extraordinary positive impacts.”

Aptus.AI’s successful funding round positions the company for accelerated growth, solidifying its role as an industry leader in reshaping compliance activities through cutting-edge AI technology.

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