RoomRaccoon Expands Irish Reach with iHotelligence Acquisition

RoomRaccoon Expands Irish Reach with iHotelligence Acquisition

RoomRaccoon, headquartered in the Netherlands, has acquired Dublin-based iHotelligence. This acquisition marks a significant step for RoomRaccoon in enhancing its operations in the Irish market.

RoomRaccoon, a cloud-based HMS designed for independent hotels, has been on a trajectory of organic growth since its establishment in 2017. With a track record of serving over 2000 hoteliers and managing over 25,000 rooms worldwide, RoomRaccoon has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the hospitality industry. The collaboration with iHotelligence marks a pivotal milestone in RoomRaccoon’s journey to establish itself as the world’s premier HMS provider. Tymen van Dyl, Founder, and CEO of RoomRaccoon, emphasized the importance of the iHotelligence partnership. He stated,

“Acquiring iHotelligence represents a major milestone for us. It underscores our commitment to expanding our presence in the Irish market, providing cutting-edge technology to hoteliers that maximizes revenue, streamlines operations, and delights guests.”

iHotelligence’s Comprehensive Suite

Founded in 2012, iHotelligence has developed an extensive suite of software products, including an on-site property management system, booking engine, and channel manager. The acquisition enables RoomRaccoon to integrate iHotelligence’s advanced features, offering Irish hoteliers a singular cloud-based platform for improved operational efficiency and increased revenue. Keith Slowey, founder of iHotelligence, expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting the benefits for hotels currently using iHotelligence, stating,

“RoomRaccoon’s acquisition of iHotelligence demonstrates their commitment to delivering superior technology solutions to Irish hoteliers, providing them with advanced features to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue.”

Irish hoteliers utilizing RoomRaccoon’s HMS will gain a competitive edge with unique upgrades. These include;

  • Dynamic pricing tools based on real-time market data
  • Occupancy rates
  • Demand fluctuations
  • Automated upsell functionality
  • Housekeeping management features

This acquisition, managed by RoomRaccoon’s internal Mergers and Acquisitions department, adds to the startup’s achievements. Despite being financially independent since its inception in 2017, RoomRaccoon continues to harbor ambitious plans for further expansion in Europe and North America. The acquisition propels the company into a leading position in Ireland’s hospitality tech landscape.

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