Snowflake to Buy Samooha for Data Clean Rooms

Snowflake to Buy Samooha for Data Clean Rooms

Snowflake agrees to acquire Samooha. This move simplifies data clean room building. Data clean rooms are vital for secure data sharing. They enable safe collaboration without exposing data. These rooms are key in media and entertainment, providing personalized customer experiences. Other sectors are now adopting data clean room building as well. Sectors like Financial services and healthcare find them crucial.

Snowflake leads in data clean room technology, and Snowflake Horizon enhances these rooms. The company had also invested in LeapYear, a privacy platform. Snowflake’s latest move is acquiring Samooha. This accelerates their data clean room vision. Samooha specializes in industry-specific analysis. It features an intuitive interface. This makes building data clean rooms easier.

Creating data-clean rooms is often complex, and Samooha simplifies and speeds up this process. It also reduces technical challenges and integrates seamlessly with the Data Cloud. This ensures security and governance.

Samooha’s co-founders, CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, and CTO Abhishek Bhowmick, will join Snowflake. The acquisition aims to enhance data clean room capabilities. According to a blog post by Abhishek, the acquisition helps make it easy for every business to work together safely with data.

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