Sheba Microsystems Launches MEMS Autofocus Compact Camera

Sheba Microsystems Launches MEMS Autofocus Compact Camera

Sheba Microsystems Inc. recently announced the release of their latest product, the Sheba MEMS Autofocus Compact Camera for AR/VR/XR Headsets. This fabless semiconductor company specializes in developing high-performance MEMS actuators for optical solutions. This includes autofocus, Optical Image Stabilization, and super-resolution for compact and embedded vision cameras.

Sheba Microsystems’ MEMS actuators are renowned for their high speed, high repeatability, low power consumption, and small size, which are transforming the quality and capability of digital photography in everyday devices. The company’s latest product is designed specifically for augmented, virtual, and extended reality headsets. They offer advanced autofocus capabilities in a compact, lightweight package.

Sheba’s patented µPistons™ design solves a common problem in compact cameras. Compact cameras often struggle to maintain image quality and focus stability when the temperature changes and the optics expand or contract. This design is unique because it moves the lightweight sensor instead of the lenses. This allows for fast and precise autofocus even when the environment changes quickly.

Sheba’s new compact camera for AR/VR/XR headsets offers many advantages that are important for these technologies:

  • It doesn’t use much power (less than 10 mW)
  • It works with large-aperture optics
  • It doesn’t compromise on lens quality
  • It responds quickly (less than 5ms)
  • It doesn’t cause electromagnetic interference
  • It’s precise (less than 0.5 um)

Sheba Microsystems is offering evaluation kits to customers who want to test the new product in their own labs to make sure it works well. The kit includes camera samples, a board with the MEMS driver, a connector, and a camera test tool to check the mechanical reliability, as well as software and a user manual.

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