Metaview’s AI Revolutionizes Interview Note-Taking

Metaview’s AI Revolutionizes Interview Note-Taking

Metaview, a brainchild of Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh, emerged from their realization that the hiring process, especially interviews, had become unwieldy for many corporate HR departments.

Metaview introduces an AI-powered note-taking app designed exclusively for recruiters and hiring managers. This innovative tool aims to streamline the interview process by recording, analyzing, and summarizing job interviews automatically.

By leveraging AI technology, Metaview allows recruiters and hiring managers to focus more on engaging with candidates rather than jotting down notes. This not only saves time but also ensures a more present and attentive interviewing experience.

Metaview seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as video conferencing tools and applicant tracking systems. It captures interview content and enriches itself with data from other sources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of recruiting conversations.

While AI-powered tools like Metaview offer promising solutions, concerns regarding biases and data handling persist. Magos asserts that Metaview’s diverse training data yields models surpassing human performance and mitigates biases.

Rapid Growth and Funding

Despite skepticism, Metaview’s success is evident. Recently, the London-based startup secured $7 million in funding, bringing its total raised to $14 million. With a client base of 500 companies, including Brex and Quora, Metaview has experienced a remarkable 2,000% year-over-year growth.

Metaview plans to utilize the funds to expand its product and engineering teams, enhance AI capabilities, and develop systems to detect inconsistencies in the interview process proactively.

In an era where efficient recruitment is paramount, Metaview stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a solution that not only simplifies but also enhances the hiring process for corporations worldwide. As it continues to evolve, Metaview heralds a new era in recruitment technology, reshaping the way organizations find their talent.

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