Kaitlyn Glancy recently joins Venture Capital Eclipse as Partner

Kaitlyn Glancy recently joins Venture Capital Eclipse as Partner

Kaitlyn Glancy, former Flexport Logistics vice president of North America, joins Eclipse as a partner. She says she is a Builder and Operator. Eclipse, based in Palo Alto, has been funding startups modernizing legacy industries since its inception. The shipping industry faces challenges as automation becomes more prevalent.

She said in the announcement post, “I recognized venture capital presented a larger opportunity to have an impact on many startups.” In her previous role, Glancy managed 400 people in 10 offices. She joined Flexport in 2015 when the company was 20 people in San Francisco, and the team grew to 3,500.

Flexport focuses on international trade, accelerating the performance and growth of the supply chain, allowing companies to ship from anywhere, track shipments, and collaborate with others. Glancy scaled the region’s revenue from less than $1 Million to over $2 Billion and helped create the design playbooks and processes for the organization to scale up.

Eclipse invests in startups from seed funding to series D and focuses on the physical industry. In April 2023, Eclipse raised a massive fund of $1.23 Billion to invest in startups bringing the total assets under management to approximately $4 Billion. Eclipse has invested in startups like Third Wave Automation (Autonomous solutions for material handling), Reliable Robotics (Automated Aviated making air transportation safer), Wayve (Reimagining autonomous mobility), and Forge (Powering the next generation of blue-collar workers).

News Source: Eclipse.vc

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