Material Evolution raises $19M to decarbonize the Cement Industry

Material Evolution raises $19M to decarbonize the Cement Industry

Material Evolution secures $19M funding for its revolutionary low-energy manufacturing process, aiming to significantly decarbonize the cement industry and reduce emissions. The cement industry, although indispensable, is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions, accounting for approximately 8% of the total. Material Evolution, a UK startup, aims to tackle this issue with its innovative low-energy manufacturing process, eliminating the need for heat. The company has recently raised £15 million ($19 million) in a Series A funding round to scale up production of its low-carbon cement, which boasts an impressive 85% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional Portland cement.

Cement production is notorious for its high carbon intensity, primarily due to the substantial energy requirements. Material Evolution distinguishes itself from other companies working on cement decarbonization by leveraging its proprietary technology. Instead of relying on energy-intensive kilns, the company employs an “alkali-fusion” process at ambient temperatures. The process eliminates the need for fossil fuels by utilizing industrial waste and feedstocks, offering a ground-breaking solution to reduce emissions.


Material Evolution’s innovative approach draws inspiration from fusion technology, renowned for its potential to meet humanity’s long-term energy needs without generating carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. Dr. Elizabeth Gilligan, co-founder, and CEO of Material Evolution, highlights the alignment between the company’s low-energy manufacturing process and the principles of fusion technology. This ground-breaking methodology sets Material Evolution apart from its competitors and positions it as a leader in sustainable cement production.

Strategic Partnerships and Funding:

Material Evolution has strategically partnered with SigmaRoc, a materials company that is a strategic investor in Material Evolution’s Series A funding round. The £15 million ($19 million) funding was led by Kompas VC, with participation from Norrsken VC, Circle Rock, and SigmaRoc. This significant investment will support the company’s efforts to scale production and further establish its low-carbon cement within the industry.

Material Evolution’s ground-breaking low-energy manufacturing process has the potential to revolutionize the cement industry by significantly reducing its carbon footprint. With its innovative alkali-fusion approach, the company aims to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional cement production methods. Supported by strategic partnerships and substantial funding, Material Evolution is poised to lead the way in decarbonizing the cement industry and driving positive environmental impact.

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