Proton launches Proton Drive app for Windows

Proton launches Proton Drive app for Windows

Proton, the renowned Swiss company dedicated to privacy and security, has expanded its privacy-focused services by introducing Proton Drive for Windows. Their latest blog post mentioned that this new native application will offer Windows users a secure cloud storage solution.

Proton Drive will provide users with a seamless and secure experience for backing up, synchronizing, and sharing encrypted files. The standout feature of the application is its robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all files stored on Proton Drive remain secure and private. Even Proton cannot access the files, making it a compelling alternative to established cloud storage providers like Google Drive.

Anant Vijay Singh, Product Lead for Proton Drive, emphasized the significance of this development, stating,

“This is a significant step towards making secure and private cloud storage more accessible to everyone, regardless of the platform they are using. With over 1.4 billion Windows users in the world, we knew we had to choose this platform first for our desktop app. We are committed to making privacy the default for everyone, and this new application is a big step on the path to that commitment.”

Beta Testing Success

Recent beta testing reveals that the app users strongly preferred the desktop version, uploading five times more data than customers using online and mobile applications. This highlights how crucial desktop Computers are to data synchronization and backup operations. Proton anticipates that the Windows software will facilitate and expedite secure storage for its customers.

Proton launches private cloud storage app for Windows

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Privacy-focused services

Their commitment to privacy and security drives innovation, empowering users to take control of their data and communications. It offers privacy-focused services like Proton Mail, VPN, and Calendar, providing a reliable alternative to traditional cloud storage providers. These services can be accessed through Proton Drive’s premium plans, offering users increased storage capacity and access to additional privacy-enhancing features.

Users can access the application for free, including 1GB of storage, or upgrade to a paid plan for additional storage and premium access to their services. Premium plans provide increased storage capacity and additional privacy-enhancing features.

As data privacy concerns grow, Proton’s expansion into secure cloud storage for Windows demonstrates its commitment to providing accessible and trustworthy solutions for individuals seeking privacy and security in their digital lives. The company’s dedication to privacy and security sets it apart in the online services market, making Proton a leading choice for individuals seeking greater control and confidentiality over their digital lives.

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