Bedrock Secures $25M to Revolutionize Ocean-Mapping

Bedrock Secures $25M to Revolutionize Ocean-Mapping

Bedrock, a pioneering company in autonomous ocean mapping, has secured $25M in new funding to revolutionize autonomous ocean mapping, including coastal surveys and renewable energy mapping. Traditional surveying methods prove outdated as the demand for offshore wind and other renewable sources soars. Bedrock’s cutting-edge autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and digital platforms offer a more advanced and environmentally friendly solution to revolutionize ocean mapping.

Unlike conventional sea-bottom surveys that rely on large ships with powerful sonar units, Bedrock’s AUVs provide highly detailed data just meters above the seafloor. The suite of sensors onboard includes bathymetry, backscatter, side-scan sonar, magnetic readings, and soon, sub-bottom sonar profiling. The rapid data collection and delivery, taking only a day, are a significant advantage compared to the months required by traditional methods.

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Bedrock’s Approach to Revolutionize Ocean-Mapping:

Bedrock’s approach has evolved into a data-driven model, offering AUV-as-a-service through its platform, Mosaic. The company identifies valuable survey areas independently, retaining control over the valuable intellectual property generated. This innovative approach attracts investors with a $25M investment to revolutionize ocean mapping. A round co-led by NorthZone and Primary Venture Partners.

The funding positions Bedrock to demonstrate commercial viability and accelerate the offshore wind industry. The company plans to expand its operations all over the East Coast to meet the growing demand for data collection in wind farm projects. Bedrock’s vision extends beyond wind farms, with a larger mission to explore and map the ocean.

Long-Term Sustainability of Ocean-Mapping:

As wind farms become long-term installations, Bedrock’s data play becomes essential for inspection and maintenance. The company’s fleet will monitor the expanding forest of wind turbines it has helped establish, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the renewable energy sector.

The offshore wind capacity presents a promising market for companies like Bedrock. The need for information about critical infrastructure in the ocean drives the demand for advanced ocean-mapping technology. The company envisions a bright future, with a market potential ranging from $10 billion to $20 billion.

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