Apple launches headset dev kit for the Vision Pro

Apple launches headset dev kit for the Vision Pro

Apple has proactively distributed developer kits to a carefully selected group of eligible applicants ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the Vision Pro AR headset in early 2024. In an official announcement this week, Apple revealed its plan to lend Vision Pro developer kits to approved account holders within the Apple Developer Program. To be eligible for this unique opportunity, developers must submit an application detailing their team’s proficiency in development skills and their existing app portfolio.

Additionally, they must agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by Apple. The terms specified by Apple include restricting unauthorized access to the Vision Pro. Only approved staff members can work with the dev kit, while family, friends, roommates, and household employees are strictly prohibited from handling the device. Moreover, developers cannot discuss any aspect of Vision Pro in person or on social media platforms.

Headset kit assistance:

Developers receive a complete Vision Pro headset kit and extensive setup assistance upon approval. Apple ensures a smooth experience, offering regular check-ins for UI design and development guidance. Troubleshooting support is readily available for code issues. Apple emphasizes applicants who harness visionOS’s potential, the powerful operating system driving the Vision Pro. Regardless of the approval date, developers must return the kit upon request. Apple plans Vision Pro developer labs in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. Developers can apply on Apple’s website. A compatibility checklist ensures apps are fully optimized for visionOS.

Vision Pro Debut:

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro at its WWDC conference in June and is now gearing up for its retail debut in the coming months, priced at $3,499. Representing Apple’s first major product launch since the Apple Watch in 2014, the Vision Pro impresses with its array of sensors and cameras, providing users with what Apple terms “spatial computing” experiences.

Upon release, visionOS will offer diverse apps, including Unity apps optimized for Vision Pro. Noteworthy developers like Adobe, Microsoft, Netflix, Cisco, Zoom, and others are tailoring apps specifically for this platform. Additionally, visionOS will support specialized medical and engineering software, allowing tasks like anatomy rendering and visualizing real-world physics phenomena.

Moreover, Apple will introduce a new app store with the Vision Pro launch. Users will have access to over 100 Apple Arcade titles from day one, creating a robust ecosystem redefining the AR experience.

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