Flighty keeps you close to your loved ones at all times!

Flighty keeps you close to your loved ones at all times!

Flight tracker Flighty has unveiled a groundbreaking new feature that allows users to create a private social network to track their loved ones’ travels in real-time. Adding this feature is a significant step towards enhancing communication and peace of mind for friends and family while their loved ones are on the move.

The new private social network feature is designed to provide a user-friendly experience. Users can now invite friends and family members to join their network and receive live updates on the progress of their flights. This enables them to stay informed about changes in flight schedules, delays, or unexpected events that may impact their loved ones’ travel plans.

Commenting on the feature’s launch, Flighty’s CEO  stated, “We understand the anxiety and concern that can arise when someone you care about is traveling. With our new private social network, we aim to bring loved ones closer together, providing them with real-time information and peace of mind during their journeys.”

The private social network feature is not limited to immediate family members; it can be extended to include friends, colleagues, and anyone with whom users wish to share their travel details. This fosters community and support, allowing users to connect and communicate with their network while on the move.


Source: Flighty

Flighty’s innovative flight-tracking approach has earned the app a dedicated user base, particularly among frequent travelers and aviation enthusiasts. The app has become a reliable travel companion for users worldwide with its accurate and up-to-date information on flights, airports, and weather conditions.

Adding the private social network feature aligns with Flighty’s commitment to continuous improvement and responding to users’ needs. By facilitating direct communication within the network, the feature promotes engagement and allows users to provide real-time support and reassurance to their loved ones during their journeys.

To ensure the privacy and security of users’ data, Flighty has implemented robust encryption measures and user controls. Users have complete control over who can join their private network and access their flight details, ensuring the information remains within a trusted circle.

Flighty’s commitment to transparency and user engagement has gained praise from users and industry experts. The app’s intuitive interface, accurate flight information, and private social network feature have solidified its position as a leading flight tracker in the market.

As the travel landscape evolves, Flighty remains dedicated to innovating and developing features that prioritize user needs and provide genuine value. The private social network is just one example of Flighty’s mission to redefine flight tracking as a personalized and interactive experience.

In conclusion, Flighty’s latest addition of a private social network for tracking loved ones’ travels is a testament to the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience and providing real-time support and communication during journeys. The feature’s inclusivity and privacy controls make it an invaluable tool for staying connected and informed with family and friends while they are on the move. As the travel industry rebounds, Flighty’s innovative approach to flight tracking positions it as a reliable and trustworthy companion for travelers worldwide.

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