The Future of Graphic Design with AI

The Future of Graphic Design with AI

Adobe’s Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky addressed AI’s potential impact on graphic design in an interview with VentureBeat on the former Twitter platform. He firmly believes that graphic design will continue to thrive despite some industries becoming obsolete due to AI.

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AI can be a powerful tool for creative professionals, broadening the possibilities of exploration and achievement. For example, AI might handle the translation of copy in the future. Belsky emphasized that AI will enhance traditional graphic design instead of replacing it. Early research shows that designers using these AI tools will produce more and higher-quality content faster.

Balancing AI’s Impact on Adobe:

Business Insider’s report raised concerns among Adobe employees about AI tools like Firefly and Photoshop Generative Fill. These tools potentially lead to job loss for graphic designers and affect Adobe’s business model, which relies on cloud subscriptions based on seats or licenses. However, Belsky reassured that AI’s productivity gains will spur innovation and growth, increasing the demand for creative talent. He cited the long-standing trend of engineers becoming more productive while demand grows.

Moreover, the controversy surrounding Adobe’s use of contributor images for AI training has raised questions about the impact on Adobe Stock and the creators’ livelihoods. Creators worry that Firefly’s popularity might discourage users from purchasing stock images and harm the platform with an influx of AI-generated images.

Scott Belsky’s insights provide a positive outlook for the future of graphic design in the age of AI. AI is set to enhance the industry, allowing designers to explore new horizons and create even more exceptional content. While challenges remain, balancing AI’s impact on Adobe’s business model and addressing contributors’ concerns, the potential benefits for the graphic design industry appear promising.

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