SentinelOne reveals cloud data security products

SentinelOne reveals cloud data security products

SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity company, has announced the launch of its cloud data security product line. The two products include threat detection for Amazon S3 and threat detection for NetApp.

The additional features strengthen the company’s Singularity Cloud product family, complementing SentinelOne’s current cloud workload security product line. This expansion allows customers to detect, investigate, and proactively mitigate threats across a diverse range of cloud environments, including public, private and hybrid clouds.

Malware Detection

Businesses are becoming more vulnerable to sophisticated cyber assaults as they adopt cloud-based solutions. To address this problem, SentinelOne said that it’s increasing its focus on cloud capabilities and embracing a modern approach to protect cloud storage and workloads from malware.

These technologies are tailored to protect organizations that use Amazon S3 object storage and NetApp file storage from evolving malware threats in their cloud environments and enterprise networks. The new threat detection can automatically scan every file added for file-borne and zero-day malware, detecting and quarantining malicious files in real time.

Additionally, the platform includes a unique “protect mode”. This empowers customers to configure automatic quarantine for malicious files and objects. It’s a capability that is absent in rivals’ systems, which only provide a detect mode.

AI engine as a foundation for protection

SentinelOne closely collaborated with NetApp and Amazon Web Services to ensure its products seamlessly integrate with the storage solutions, resulting in an optimal combination of security and performance for its clients. They emphasize that its proprietary Static AI engine is the foundation of its new security products.

Unlike traditional malware detection approaches, their AI engine does not rely on signatures. According to the business, the AI engine has been extensively trained on hundreds of millions of malware samples. This allows it to detect unknown malware, including malware connected to zero-day vulnerabilities. The engine also possesses a native understanding of typical attributes found in malware files.

The solutions are a huge step forward in SentinelOne’s objective to assist clients to prevent tomorrow’s assaults today, but this is only the beginning. They aim to consolidate all threat management, including for both cloud and data-related threats, into a unified process.

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