HubSpot to acquire B2B data provider Clearbit

HubSpot to acquire B2B data provider Clearbit

Hubspot Inc. has announced its agreement to acquire Clearbit, a leader in the B2B data provider industry. This acquisition will enable HubSpot customers to grow with industry-leading customer intelligence. Moreover, once the deal is finalized, HubSpot will complete the acquisition of Clearbit. Additionally, HubSpot will integrate Clearbit into its customer platform as a new service.

Hubspot, a customer platform that helps businesses grow better, delivers seamless connections for customer-facing teams with a unified platform. This includes AI-powered engagement hubs, a Smart CRM, and a connected ecosystem that extends the customer platform. In addition, it has over 1,500 App Marketplace integrations, a community network, and educational content from HubSpot Academy.

Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, said in a statement:

“To cut through the noise with deep relevance, businesses need reliable, high-quality data about their customers. That means enriching your company’s internal customer data with real-time external context. Clearbit has made it its mission to collect rich and useful data about millions of companies. HubSpot’s AI-powered customer platform combined with Clearbit’s data will create a powerful, winning combination for our customers.”

Clearbit assists businesses in enhancing customer information by providing access to 100+ firmographic, demographic, and technographic data points from various public and private sources. This includes social profiles and company websites. With a database covering 20 million companies and 500 million decision-makers, Clearbit’s comprehensive data is used by over 400,000 users. Furthermore, it helps identify suitable prospects, gauge purchase intent, and establish meaningful customer connections.

Although collecting company and contact information has become more accessible in recent years, scaling businesses still struggle to analyze and utilize this data effectively. By integrating Clearbit, HubSpot can incorporate valuable third-party company data. This makes HubSpot the central source of information for marketing, sales, and service teams. From website visits to news updates, HubSpot offers complete customer insights. This helps businesses identify ideal customers and their buying interests effectively.

Matt Sornson, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearbit, commented:

“Clearbit has always believed that data is fundamental to the best B2B go-to-market teams. By joining forces with HubSpot, the industry’s most loved B2B customer platform, we will unlock a whole new level of value for our customers and help all of B2B grow better.”

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