Privateer creating Pono, a ‘data ride-sharing economy’ for space.

Privateer creating Pono, a ‘data ride-sharing economy’ for space.

Privateer Space has introduced Pono, a new module for satellite operators. According to the business, it helps make space data available on a much larger scale and cheaper.

“Google Maps of Space” and Tracking Facility:

The prototype will be launched in late 2023 aboard a D-Orbit space tug. The business plans to launch a second iteratively designed Pono module in mid-2024. The business describes its principal purpose as space situational awareness. It aims to establish the “Google Maps of space,” which enables satellite mission planning and even orbital trash tracking. Wayfinder, the company’s first product, tracks spaceships and other objects in space. Privateer is attempting to create a data marketplace. Here consumers may “ride-share” on satellites and task them to gather data on any location of the Earth of interest. Wozniak states that this is like when GPS technology became widely available.

“Building a data ride-sharing economy in and from space, paired with our on-orbit AI, enables Privateer to give away the safety, sustainability and optimization technology that helps earn satellite operators more customers while giving a global user base a way to access space that traditionally has been reserved for large governments only,” Wozniak said. “This is similar to when GPS technology became available to the masses and we expect it to have a similar impact.”

The core aim of Privateer is space situational awareness. It entails developing a complete platform akin to “Google Maps for space.” Wayfinder, their initial product, provides tracking capabilities for spaceships and other objects in space. Privateer’s goal with Pono is to create a data marketplace. It will do this by allowing consumers to “ride-share” on satellites and requesting data collection for specific locations of interest.

Satellite Safety Operation:

Pono’s potential impact has been compared to the general availability of GPS technology by Steve Wozniak. He states that developing a data ride-sharing economy in space, paired with on-orbit AI technology, will enable Privateer to give satellite operators safety, sustainability, and optimization tools. This will allow them to attract more clients while providing a worldwide user base with access to space.

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