Strapi 4.12 and Strapi Cloud Custom Plans: Company Unleashes Updates this Summer

Strapi 4.12 and Strapi Cloud Custom Plans: Company Unleashes Updates this Summer

Strapi 4.12 and Strapi cloud custom plans, released on August 2, have a slew of intriguing new abilities that have the potential to alter the way content is managed. Strapi Cloud Custom Plan is suited for businesses looking for a reliable and scalable content management system with configurable security and safety features.

Strapi v4.12

Strapi 4.12 is a monstrous beast that combines the review workflow, and bulk publish features of Strapi Conf2023 Keynote and Strapi 4.11. It adopts a cautious approach to new features and quickly repairs recurring errors.

With the release of Strapi 4.11 in June, users could publish content with a single click instead of one-to-one. However, this functionality had a significant flaw that hindered content administrators from swiftly locating unpublished entries.

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To address this issue, Strapi 4.12 has a reliable bulk publishing tool that flags all unpublished content. This strong addition reduces the possibility of errors and streamlines the content creation process. It is a game-changing feature for e-commerce enterprises.

Another notable improvement that has helped Strapi 4.12 become a favorite is its ability to develop content on various processes without disrupting the momentum. Regarding future releases, the company claimed that it plans to provide user assignment and permissions at the stage level. These new advancements have caused quite a stir in the market.

Strapi Cloud Custom Plans

The Strapi Cloud Custom Plan launches with the same reliable services and security features as the self-hosted Strapi Enterprise Edition. The company claims to add the benefit of a hosted platform for creating, installing, and expanding Strapi projects. With this new plan, customers can concentrate entirely on content and company expansion, leaving the network and uptime concerns to the software.

Strapi cloud custom plans have successfully incorporated security features, a performance checker, and developer experience in one place. These real-time features have made Custom Plans a hot deal in the market, making it the most dependable software trusted by organizations.

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