WorkGenius Marks its 3rd Acquisition in Last 14 Months with Expertlead

WorkGenius Marks its 3rd Acquisition in Last 14 Months with Expertlead

WorkGenius is taking steps to acquire Expertlead, a technology Berlin-based company. Expertlead is known for matching tech freelancers with related companies and offering person-to-person live coding assessments. This is the 3rd acquisition the company has finalized following the JBC and Agency Worx acquisition in the last 14 months. This brings the company’s revenue to $150 M.

How is it beneficial for both?

Alexander Schlomberg, the founder of Expertlead, enthusiastically shared his views about working with the company:

” With WorkGenius we found a global partner who believes in a combination of human touch and technology. Sharing that same vision will drive us to become the global human capital powerhouse of the future. “

Expertlead, specializing in establishing connections between skilled tech freelancers and reputable businesses, and WorkGenius, a globally active platform providing access to a global pool of talented freelancers, are now working together. Expertlead will become a part of WorkGenius. This collaboration will bring advantages to both WorkGenius and ExpertLand clients.

Ceo and Co-founder of WorkGenius, Marlon Rosenzweig, discussed his company’s acquisitions, states:

“This acquisition builds upon the momentum created by our previous acquisitions of JBC and WorX. Expertlead’s peer-to-peer assessment brings a complimentary dimension to our comprehensive offerings, making us a one-stop destination for talent management needs.”

The three acquisitions exhibit WorkGenius’s dedication to actively expanding and strengthening its operations in different areas of the world. As the company continues its expansion journey, acquiring Expertlead is a testament to its vision of creating a global digital workforce.

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