Apple executive chosen to lead Ford’s new software services unit

Apple executive chosen to lead Ford’s new software services unit

Ford has chosen Peter Stern, a former Apple executive, to lead the new Ford Integrated Services unit. This unit enhances software-driven customer interactions across Ford’s key sectors: Ford Blue for gas and hybrid vehicles, Model E for connected EVs, and Ford Pro for commercial products.

As software-defined vehicles gain momentum, Ford expands services to personalize driving, integrate hardware and software, and boost revenue. Despite $45 billion in revenue in Q2, Ford expects a $4.5 billion EV division loss in 2023. The automaker relies on software to close this gap.

Ford hands free driving

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Ford Integrated Services:

The newly formed Ford Integrated Services division assumes the critical role of advancing cutting-edge technology, notably exemplified by Ford’s BlueCruise “hands-free” highway driving assistance system, available at a competitive price of $2,100. The division focuses on pioneering commercial solutions for fleet management, telematics, and EV charging. Furthermore, Ford already boasts an impressive base of 550,000 subscribed customers benefiting from its software and services, with a noteworthy 80% stemming from the Ford Pro sector.

Peter Stern, who supervises Ford Next, the automaker’s global venture studio, marking an intersection of innovation, is overseeing this endeavor. In July, Ford Next’s CEO, Franck Louis-Victor, encountered legal troubles involving arson and assault charges after a domestic incident. Even though the charges were dismissed, the company’s statement indicates uncertainty about Louis-Victor’s status within Ford, as he is presently on leave. Louis-Victor had previously overseen a division dedicated to immersive technology-driven customer experiences.

Future Pathways:

Peter Stern, who reports to Ford CEO Jim Farley, has extensive experience as Apple’s vice president of services, leading the launch of groundbreaking services like Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, MLS Season Pass, and Apple One. Stern’s appointment is crucial for Ford to align its Ford+ strategy with exceptional customer service, supported by advanced software and hardware integration.

Ford’s CEO and president, Jim Farley, emphasizes the game-changing nature of this development, stating,

“This is transformational because the cornerstone of our Ford+ plan is creating incredible customer services and experiences enabled by great hardware and software. There’s simply no one in the world better able than Peter Stern to build this strategically vital part of our business.”

As Ford continues to shape the automotive landscape, Stern’s leadership promises an exciting journey of innovation, technology, and customer-centricity.

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