Beyond Identity Unveils Passkey Journey Tool

Beyond Identity Unveils Passkey Journey Tool

Beyond Identity, a leading provider of advanced passwordless, phishing-resistant Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions, unveils the Passkey Journey Tool—a free, GDPR-compliant tool that meets the needs of development and UX teams. It assists in understanding, devising, and enhancing end-user authentication.

This tool excels at tackling passkey adoption challenges, notably reducing friction during security implementation. The Passkey Journey illuminates UX inconsistencies across diverse browsers and devices. Its distinctive strength lies in easy integration. Development teams seamlessly incorporate it with a few lines of code. This streamlined approach saves time and empowers teams to navigate authentication complexities without heavy technical burdens.

Beyond Identity’s The Passkey Journey enhances user authentication. It offers valuable insights and user-friendly integration, potentially revolutionizing how development and UX teams approach authentication challenges—creating a more secure, user-centered digital experience.

“Passkeys present a pivotal moment in authentication, offering a frictionless and secure answer to the persistent challenges of user authentication. But with platforms quickly evolving, development teams face the challenge of solving for inconsistent user experiences across browsers and devices,” said Jasson Casey, CTO of Beyond Identity. “We’re excited to present a simple tool that can help teams quickly understand their users’ ability to use passkeys for authentication and make informed decisions around deployment.”

Source: Beyond Identity

Revolutionizing Passkey Integration and User Experience

The Passkey Journey provides a simple and quick code snippet to be added to websites. By using this code, it checks whether the visitors’ web browsers and devices can use passkeys. Once it does that, it gives an instant report that displays how many people can use various passkeys. These passkeys could use fingerprints or special security keys. The report also includes clickable paths that show what users might go through. To top it off, the report suggests making passkeys even better and ensuring they function for more people.

As a valuable tool for website teams, the Passkey Journey offers assistance. It informs them whether people can utilize passkeys and if their devices can handle them. With the help of this tool, teams can create passkeys that work effectively for users. Plus, they can seamlessly and confidently integrate these passkeys into their websites.

What do you know about Beyond Identity?

Beyond Identity is actively revolutionizing the way organizations fortify their digital access. They are fundamentally altering the landscape by ensuring that businesses can safeguard their employees, customers, and developers from cyberattacks. Through various innovative solutions, Beyond Identity effectively thwarts hackers’ attempts to deceive individuals or steal passwords. This proactive approach significantly elevates both security and user-friendliness.

Seamlessly, their system consistently verifies the safety of the user and the device attempting access. Notably, prominent enterprises such as Snowflake, Unqork, and Cornell University rely on Beyond Identity to shield against attacks and enhance the security of their systems. With a specialized system tailored for internet use, Beyond Identity effectively curtails hacking endeavors.

“Driving passkey adoption is a critical goal for the FIDO Alliance. Over the past year, we have published research-backed UX guidelines to support consumer deployments and best practice deployment papers to enable enterprise utilization,” said Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and CMO of the FIDO Alliance. “Beyond Identity has been a valuable contributor to FIDO Alliance’s efforts to resolve deployment challenges for companies looking to support passkeys. The Passkey Journey is a valuable development tool that stands to help enterprises make informed decisions on their passkey deployments.”

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