Uber increases minimum age for Californian driver

Uber increases minimum age for Californian driver

Uber has raised the base age necessity for new rides-hailing drivers in California to 25 because of what it depicted as “baselessly higher” business insurance costs in the state.

The new arrangement will only apply to new drivers intending to use the platform. The people who intend to use the application to make conveyances through Uber Eats should be 19. Those approved on the platform and under 25 years of age can keep on carrying travelers.

The decision to increase the minimum age requirement is a response to concerns raised by insurance companies regarding the higher risk associated with younger drivers. By raising the age limit, Uber aims to improve the overall safety of its service and reduce potential liabilities.

Uber’s decision comes after increased scrutiny of the ride-hailing industry and its safety practices. As more incidents involving ride-hailing drivers are reported, insurance companies have become more cautious about providing coverage for younger drivers who may lack sufficient driving experience.

In addition to raising the minimum age requirement, Uber has also been working on implementing other safety measures. The company has introduced a comprehensive driver screening process. This includes background and driving record checks, to ensure that only qualified individuals can drive on the platform.

Uber has also implemented an insurance policy that provides coverage for drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. This policy helps protect both parties and gives them peace of mind while using the service.

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