Amazon buys Fig, a startup creating command line autocomplete

Amazon buys Fig, a startup creating command line autocomplete

Amazon has purchased Fig, a startup that works on improving command line terminals with autocomplete features. This reveals that Amazon wants to enhance developer experiences and discover the world of generative AI. The exact conditions for the deal are not shared yet. However, this shows potential improvements in AWS services for developers. CEO Brendan Falk leads Fig’s team and will join the Amazon Web Services Inc subsidiary.

Fig offers autocomplete tools that provide developers suggestions while writing commands in the command line interface (CLI). This makes the procedure smoother, faster, and less repetitive, especially in environments where the CLI is commonly used for tasks. Amazon has purchased Fig’s technology and team, including its co-founders, for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Most developers use IDEs, but the command line is crucial for detailed tasks. Fig’s autocomplete feature suggests commands, simplifying the process. Amazon aims to simplify development by using Fig’s tech. After the purchase, they’re making Fig’s paid features free for existing users.

Generative AI and Developer-Focused Products:

Amazon’s purchase of Fig fits with its huge plans for generative AI. Fig’s autocomplete tools can help Amazon improve developer services with smarter code suggestions and smoother workflows using AI. Furthermore, Amazon plans to utilize AI in its developer-focused products, considering generative AI a major transformation in how apps are built.

The purchase of Fig can potentially influence cloud computing, considering Amazon’s significant role in this field. Integrating Fig’s tech with AWS can change how developers use cloud services, improving command-line interactions. Amazon already offers AI help in IDEs through CodeWhisperer.

Amazon experiences competition from similar AI-powered coding assistants like Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot X and Google’s Duet AI for coders and Studio Bot for Android developers. In 2020, Fig has raised approximately $2.2 million in funding and gained a strong user base, including big names like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, and Salesforce.

Existing Fig users will keep using the tool and receive support. The purchase makes the top-tier “Fig Team” features free for them. However, new users can’t sign up as Fig concentrates on integrating with AWS.

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