Jira Board and Backlog enhancements

Jira Board and Backlog enhancements

Jira Software, a renowned tool for agile project management and software development, is introducing new enhancements to its board and backlog features. These updates empower teams to plan, visualize, and manage their work with even greater precision and effectiveness.

A Brief Overview of Jira Boards

Jira boards are essential tools that aid teams in organizing and tracking their work through various stages. Teams can easily track their workflow using different boards to represent pending, in progress, or completed tasks. By providing a shared view of the work’s status, Jira boards facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within teams.

Latest Enhancements

The latest enhancements in Jira Software’s board and backlog functions are designed to elevate the project management experience while maintaining familiar functionalities.


Source: Jira

Effortless Editing on the Backlog

Editing issue details directly on the backlog is now a breeze. It is easy to modify an issue’s summary, assignee, status, parent, priority, and story points with just a few clicks.


Source: Jira

Streamlined Bulk Edits

The enhancements allow bulk changes to up to 50 issues simultaneously from the backlog without having to open each issue individually. Users can effortlessly modify priorities, assignees, and labels through this feature.

Enhanced Epic and Version Panels

The version and epic panels have been restructured to give a complete summary of the team’s progress. Users can now monitor the number of issues within each epic or version and track their team’s advancement in completing estimated tasks. Keyboard shortcuts “E” and “V” quickly enable access to these panels.


Source: Jira

Expanded Filters for Quick Searches

The latest improvements in Jira Software’s board and backlog functionality include an expanded set of out-of-the-box filters. These improvements bring a greater range of ready-to-use filters, making it easier to find particular issues by using filters based on things like epics, labels, or issue types.


Source: Jira

Heightened Performance

Fine-tuning interactions within the board and backlog has resulted in smoother navigation, especially when dealing with a substantial volume of issues. This optimization guarantees a seamless user experience, ultimately enhancing productivity levels.


Source: Jira

Simplified Viewing with Enhanced Layout

An optimized board layout is introduced to make the most of space utilization and organize correlated information. This enhancement empowers users to rapidly comprehend vital details, subsequently streamlining the planning process.

Accessing the Enhancements

The ongoing rollout of these enhancements grants product administrators initial control over the new changes to users on their site. Users will receive an in-product message inviting them to “try the enhanced board and backlog” once the updates are available.

As the enhancements address user feedback and undergo refinements, they will eventually become the default experience for all users. The user feedback significantly influences the final version of Jira Software’s enhancements.


The enhancements to Jira Software’s board and backlog functions stand poised to revolutionize how teams handle project management. As these enhancements become available, users will embrace a more efficient and refined project management experience.

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