Adlumin Secures $70M to Boost Mid-Market Cybersecurity

Adlumin Secures $70M to Boost Mid-Market Cybersecurity

Adlumin is a company specializing in advanced cybersecurity solutions for mid-market organizations. Recently, it secured $70 million in a Series B round, bringing its total to $83 million. SYN Ventures led the funding round.

Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigation Report revealed that small and mid-sized organizations face similar cybersecurity threats as larger ones. However, they often remain underserved. Adlumin addresses this gap by offering a security operations platform with a single license and a platform that allows collaboration with service providers for expert support.

Adlumin’s platform stands out for several reasons:

  1. Response Speed: Their cloud-native serverless platform can be deployed in under 90 minutes, ensuring a rapid response to security needs.
  2. Threat Visibility: The platform consolidates all security data, whether it’s from on-premises or cloud environments, into one location for comprehensive threat monitoring.
  3. Attack Context: Adlumin’s platform provides insights into users or systems, offers an activity timeline, and allows for a detailed review of Security Operations Center (SOC) actions.

Adlumin’s innovative approach has led them to rank among the top 10% of America’s fastest-growing private companies. They have also secured a spot on The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups list for 2023. The recent funding will enable Adlumin to accelerate its growth and meet the increasing demand from small and mid-market organizations.

Robert Johnston, founder and CEO of Adlumin, said,

“With a significant cybersecurity skills gap, hiring the right people is an expensive, challenging and sometimes impossible task for small and mid-sized organizations who are competing with big government and businesses for talent. This is why empowering service providers – whose expertise can be multiplied across several organizations – will be essential to securing mid-market organizations, and why we built a platform that does exactly that. With this funding, we’ll continue expanding and strengthening our channel partnerships that are so critical to scaling and reaching the mid-market, and will always be innovating to better address our partners’ and end users’ evolving needs.”

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