TikTok introduces AI content labeling tools and technology

TikTok introduces AI content labeling tools and technology

TikTok responds to creators’ increasing use of AI by launching a tool for labeling AI-generated content. This strategy plans to increase transparency and prevent potential confusion or misinformation among viewers. The newly launched tool will allow creators to mark content created with AI, assisting users in differentiating between genuine and artificially generated content.

TikTok’s recently launched tool simplifies compliance with existing policies on synthetic media. Creators can use the tool while uploading a video, displaying an AI-generated label below their username. Whereas TikTok won’t penalize creators for not using the feature unless it’s synthetic media requiring labeling per their policy.

TikTok is creating an automatic detection and labeling system for AI-generated content. They aim to test an “AI-generated” label for content edited or created using AI. This move is only taken by the platform to increase transparency. The features of their technology remain unconfirmed yet to prevent misuse, but they are experimenting with detection models and considering collaborations for better AI detection. This action aligns with an increasing trend where major platforms like OpenAI, Google, and Instagram utilize AI detection capabilities.

TikTok is working on increasing transparency by changing the names of effects that utilize AI and explicitly including “AI” in their names. TikTok now discloses when AI-powered filters are being used. The company consulted with safety advisory councils and many industry experts like Dr. David G. Rand from MIT to create the AI labels. They will also give educational resources to assist users in understanding AI better.

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