L’Officiel reveals strategic partnership with ENVISEAM

L’Officiel reveals strategic partnership with ENVISEAM

AMTD Group, AMTD IDEA Group, AMTD Digital, AMTD World Media and Entertainment Group, and L’Officiel Inc. have strategically partnered with ENVISEAM, a leading fine art, entertainment, and contemporary pop culture player.

ENVISEAM has partnered with L’OFFICIEL to launch electrifying covers with key partners, including Jay Chou, the “King of Mandopop.” The partnership has successfully anchored ENVISEAM’s Pre-Series A investment round, with L’OFFICIEL leading. Furthermore, the partnership aims to combine global networks and outreach to deliver world-class content, aligning with L’OFFICIEL’s ambition to establish a one-stop multimedia platform. The collaboration includes print and digital channels, events, experiences, and a diverse range of art and culture.

Jazz Li, founder and CEO of ENVISEAM, envisions a future where culture and deep intellectual property drive economic paradigms. ENVISEAM aims to be at the forefront of this shift by collaborating with AMTD and L’Officiel in the long run.

ENVISEAM aims to transform economic paradigms through profound intellectual property and culture, marking a significant moment in global innovation and traditional media and content disruption.

Dr. Calvin Choi, Chairman of AMTD Group Inc. and L’Officiel Inc. SAS, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating,

“At AMTD, with the announced acquisitions of L’Officiel and The Art Newspaper, we tell the world loudly about our ambition to build a world-connected multimedia one stop platform for art, culture, fashion, entertainment, and music contents, together with our network of business partners and clients. The strategic alliance between L’Officiel and ENVISEAM is a part of such global build-out.”

ENVISEAM, founded in 2019, has significantly contributed to the fine art industry by creating original fine-art intellectual property and unique experiential events. Its “Art Colure With Artistes” exhibition series, partnering with L’Officiel Art, has left a lasting impact. Moreover, the company’s fine art and entertainment expertise has attracted influential thought leaders, governments, and media entities to collaboratively advance their cultural identities and narratives.

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