Releases Free BETA for Decentralized AI Model Training Platform Releases Free BETA for Decentralized AI Model Training Platform has launched the free Beta version of their Machine Learning platform, NetMind Power. This launch comes amid increasing demand for high-performance computing and concerns about AI centralization, high costs, and data privacy.

NetMind Power is a decentralized artificial intelligence platform. It enables machine learning specialists, academics, and developers to train, fine-tune, and infer deep learning models. Users achieve this by connecting a worldwide dispersed network of user-contributed GPUs on the blockchain through Volunteer Computing.

During the Beta phase, users can utilize’s user interface for training their custom models at no cost. Additionally, they can refine pre-existing models such as Meta’s Llama2 by incorporating their datasets and delegating the training distribution to NetMind. The platform will expand to enable users to host trained inference models and publish them on the NetMind Power marketplace, enabling monetization.

Users with idle GPU capacity can join the network to earn NMT, the platform’s native utility coin. NMT will be used for training and inference, compensating computing power suppliers. The waitlist is now accessible, and those who embrace it early will enjoy substantial advantages throughout this short duration.

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