QT Medical® successfully raised $12M in Series B financing

QT Medical® successfully raised $12M in Series B financing

QT Medical®, a pioneering medtech company, raised $12 million in Series B financing, enhancing its efforts in cardiac care technology. Taiwania Capital Management Corporation and CDIB Capital were the leading investors in this funding. This funding will support their global expansion and improve product development.

CEO QT Medical said in a statement:

“This financing round is crucial for us to accelerate growth and develop long-term strategies. We are changing the performance and delivery of cardiac care services by healthcare professionals and bringing this technology to millions of patients with heart disease for self-care at home.”

Their flagship product, the Personal Cardiac Assistant (PCA 500)™, is a compact, wireless, hospital-grade 12-lead ECG device that’s FDA and CE-cleared for both professional and patient use. The device is smaller than a deck of cards. It uses a proprietary single-use, self-adhesive sensor, revolutionizing cardiac care for patients with heart disease across different healthcare settings and even during inflight emergencies or at home under physician supervision.

Resting 12-lead ECG is a crucial heart health test, usually used for screening and monitoring heart conditions. The limitations of traditional machines are that they are large and need trained professionals to operate and, as a result, limit mobility. Whereas single-lead ECGs like the Apple Watch help detect irregular heartbeats, they can’t provide a complete picture of heart health like the 12-lead ECG, essential for highlighting various cardiac and non-cardiac conditions.

Ruey-Kang Chang, MD, Chief Executive Officer of QT Medical, said in a statement:

“Our vision is to improve heart health around the world by empowering people with new medical technologies which promote improved personalized care. The Series B funding will accelerate our process towards achieving this goal.”

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