Meta Unveils Exciting AI Features: From AI Assistant to Image Restyler

Meta Unveils Exciting AI Features: From AI Assistant to Image Restyler

Meta is again at the forefront of innovation. The company is introducing a remarkable array of AI-powered features and products. These cutting-edge additions span Meta’s messaging apps, the Meta Quest 3, and the future Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Its recent announcements at the Connect conference reaffirm its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

AI Assistant: Your Personal AI Companion

Meta’s AI Assistant will become your preferred companion for accessing real-time information and creating stunning images. This revolutionary tool, powered by Llama 2, Meta’s state-of-the-art language model, can answer general knowledge queries, plan group activities, and even conduct web searches using Microsoft’s Bing search engine. What sets it apart is its ability to engage in natural, friendly conversations, making interactions feel more human-like.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, VP of GenAI at Meta, explained,

“Behind Meta AI, we built an orchestrator. And it can seamlessly detect a user’s intent from a prompt and route it to the right extension.”

Currently available in beta in the United States on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, the AI Assistant is poised for expansion into Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and the Quest 3 VR headset.

AI Personality Chatbots: Your Digital Entourage

Meta’s foray into AI doesn’t stop at functional utility; it also brings a fun and interactive element with the introduction of 28 AI personality chatbots. Users can message these topic-specific chatbots on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Inspired by famous personalities from diverse fields, including sports, music, and social media, each chatbot embodies the persona of a well-known figure. This feature helps inject a touch of celebrity into your digital conversations.

For instance, football star Tom Brady inspires “Bru” to engage in sports-related discussions. Whereas “Tamika” channels the world of Manga, courtesy of tennis player Naomi Osaka.

AI Stickers Meta Inline

AI Studio: Empowering Businesses and Creators

Meta is democratizing AI creation with its AI Studio platform. This innovative tool allows businesses to develop custom AI chatbots tailored to their brand’s values and customer service needs. Initially available in alpha, AI Studio will expand its toolkit, offering businesses the potential to thrive in e-commerce and customer support.

Furthermore, creators will soon tap into AI Studio to extend their virtual presence across Meta’s apps, all under their control and approval.

AI Stickers: Express Yourself Creatively

Meta’s introduction of generative AI stickers powered by the Emu model revolutionizes how users express themselves in chats and stories. Users can now create unique AI stickers by simply typing in text prompts. This feature, initially available to English-language users, is expected to roll out gradually over the next month. It provides many options to convey emotions and messages through creative visuals.

AI Image Editing: Transform Your Visuals

Meta plans to revolutionize image editing by introducing AI-powered features called “restyle” and “backdrop” on Instagram in the U.S. These upgrades are powered by Emu technology.


With “restyle,” users can reimagine the visual style of their images by simply typing in descriptive prompts like “watercolor” or more detailed instructions such as “collage from magazines and newspapers with torn edges.” The AI takes these prompts and transforms your images accordingly, offering many creative possibilities.


“Backdrop,” on the other hand, changes the scene or background of your images based on specific prompts. Want to transport yourself in front of a breathtaking aurora borealis or amidst a sea of adorable puppies? The AI can make it happen.

Meta is not slowing down its AI innovation journey. The company has plans to make AI Studio available to developers outside Meta, expand its use in business communications, and empower creators to craft their AI experiences. As the metaverse evolves, Meta envisions bringing its sandbox for AI experimentation into this immersive digital realm. Meta’s latest AI features represent a leap forward in enhancing digital interactions, fostering creativity, and redefining how we engage with technology.

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