Artifact Transforms into Social Platform

Artifact Transforms into Social Platform

Artifact developed by Instagram’s co-founders, is evolving from a news and links aggregator into a social network by launching a feature that enables users to create and share their posts. Artifact is an online platform that allows sharing of content within a community. Co-founder and CTO Mike Krieger confirmed this development at the Code Conference. Users can now share their content directly on Artifact without requiring a link. This addition builds on the earlier introduction of the Links feature, allowing users to share noteworthy URLs and improving personalization algorithms to help users discover fresh content.

Here are the instructions on how to utilize the new feature:

  • Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner of the Links tab.
  • Next, add images, a title, and text to create their posts.
  • All the creator’s posts will be displayed in a visual feed and distributed to followers.
  • Sharing has now become easier as every post has a unique URL.

Artifact supports a wide range of content, such as restaurant reviews, how-to guides, family recipes, app breakdowns, and design inspiration, giving users flexibility in what they share. The company wrote in a blog post;

“Posts builds on the recent launch of Links, and allows anyone to share thoughts, reviews, ideas or anything they find useful into the feed of content from the community. Posts, along with Links, expand what’s possible to discover, share, and create on Artifact.”

Artifact has broadened its offerings beyond being a news aggregator by launching a post-sharing feature. Posts will appear in the visual community feed, similar to sharing links. This action puts the app in direct competition with X (formerly Twitter) and Meta’s Threads, highlighting the platform’s ambition to establish a strong presence in the social networking sphere. The feature is now available on the latest Android and iOS app versions.

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