Slope Raises $30M, Introduces SlopeGPT for Risk-Free B2B Payments

Slope Raises $30M, Introduces SlopeGPT for Risk-Free B2B Payments

Slope, a B2B payments platform, has successfully raised $30 million for its expansion efforts. Union Squares Ventures led the round with active participation from OpenAI’s Sam Altman.

“Slope’s quest to reshape the B2B payments experience and bring the sector into the digital age is audacious — and that’s why I chose to back them,” he expressed support.

Slope streamlines B2B payments through

  1. Simplified options
  2. Flexible terms
  3. Automated order-to-cash cycles

In a recent development, the company has announced the launch of SlopeGPT. SlopeGPT is an AI risk assessment tool that utilizes GPT to analyze transactions, identify risks, and provide real-time alerts. With its deployment alongside existing systems, SlopeGPT will improve risk detection and uncover previously missed signals.

With the emergence of faster payment methods like FedNow and RTP, SlopeGPT addresses the growing challenges of fraud prevention in the B2B and cross-border online payment space.

The tool competes with industry giants like SAP and Oracle, positioning itself as a solution in the market. Unlike these players, which often rely on third-party platforms to handle alerts and updates, Slope offers a more integrated and efficient approach.

Slope’s oversubscribed funding round underscores strong demand for its products, showcasing a commitment to revolutionizing the $125 trillion B2B payments market.

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