Accelerate Learning Boosts STEM Globally with Kide Science

Accelerate Learning Boosts STEM Globally with Kide Science

With its recent acquisition, Accelerate Learning, a leading provider of preK-12 STEM curricula, extends its global impact to over a million children across 32 countries. The company has joined forces with Kide Science, a Finnish EdTech leader, celebrated for its play-centered STEM lessons for preschool through grade 3. This partnership holds the promise of a brighter future for early STEM education.

Philip Galati, President and CEO of Accelerate Learning, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating,

“Young children have an innate sense of curiosity about the world, which makes the early years an ideal time to explore the wonders of STEM. With Kide Science, teachers have research-backed lessons that tap into children’s drive to play, investigate, and discover so they can be successful in STEM from the start.”

Kide Science has its roots in extensive academic research conducted at the University of Helsinki over the years. The platform offers a comprehensive range of resources that benefit young learners and support educators working with children aged 3 to 8. Each lesson within the forum includes several elements designed to optimize the learning process:

  • Engaging Video Instructions
  • Printable Materials
  • Assessment Tools
  • Scientific Explanations
  • Guidance for Customization

In 2022, the platform received the prestigious Education Finland Award, recognizing its excellence in adapting Finnish education solutions for global markets. Moreover, its efforts have been recognized by the NYC Department of Education.

Hence, this acquisition establishes Accelerate Learning as a global leader in shaping young learners’ future, preparing them for a STEM-focused world.

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