Netsmart Expands Partnership with AWS for AI Innovations

Netsmart Expands Partnership with AWS for AI Innovations

Netsmart has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an AI Data Lab to revolutionize healthcare for community-based and post-acute care providers. This advanced lab, built on AWS, integrates AI, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to enhance care delivery. Early initiatives include an AI-enabled digital assistant providing real-time care insights and recommendations. This partnership signifies a major leap in AI’s application in healthcare. It aims to

  • Improve clinician satisfaction
  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance patient care through predictive modeling

Netsmart’s partnership with the Missouri Behavioral Health Council (MBHC) has yielded impressive results through predictive analytics in healthcare. By targeting at-risk individuals based on social determinants of health, MBHC achieved a 14% reduction in hospital costs. Moreover, MBHC noticed a 16% decrease in emergency department visits with CareManager.

The collaboration also intends to implement remote patient monitoring and real-time alert systems. This technology-driven approach emphasizes data-driven decision-making, ensuring predictive models lead to timely and effective actions for healthcare providers. This partnership holds the potential to transform healthcare, improve outcomes, and set new industry standards.

MBHC CEO Brent McGinty said in a statement:

“The work we’re doing with Netsmart and AWS has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge analytics and technology, propelling the success of the CCBHC model across the state of Missouri and nationwide. Through these collaborations, we are not only achieving remarkable outcomes but also setting new benchmarks for funding opportunities in CCBHCs and statewide programs, revolutionizing the way we deliver mental health services.”

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