FPT Software Triumphs with MaaZ at Awards

FPT Software Triumphs with MaaZ at Awards

FPT Software has achieved a remarkable milestone with its debut nomination at the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. They have received the prestigious “Overall Connected Solution of the Year” award for their groundbreaking automotive innovation, MaaZ. This recognition underscores FPT Software’s exceptional prowess in the dynamic world of software-defined vehicles.

The AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, organized by Tech Breakthrough, are the ultimate accolade in the global automotive and transportation technology sectors. MaaZ won “Overall Connected Solution of the Year” among 1,600 submissions from 15 countries.

Introduced in 2022, MaaZ is a comprehensive connected car solution meticulously designed to assist automotive suppliers and car OEMs worldwide in navigating the complex landscape of AUTOSAR compliance. Renowned for standardizing automotive electronic systems and revolutionizing safety, sustainability, and performance in the automotive industry, AUTOSAR has made a significant impact.

Empowering Automotive Innovation: MaaZ’s Cutting-Edge AUTOSAR Solutions

MaaZ offers an extensive suite of AUTOSAR solutions, empowering FPT Software’s automotive partners with a wide range of services. These services include integrating vehicles with cutting-edge technologies and providing intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). Moreover, MaaZ seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art safety and security features into vehicle systems and software.

Furthermore, MaaZ successfully implemented top-tier OEMs in Sweden, Korea, and the USA. This ensures the safety and security of next-generation vehicles and reduces time-to-market by an impressive 60%.

Kinh Nguyen, FPT Software’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Global Automotive & Manufacturing Solutions Group, reaffirmed the company’s mission to deliver high-quality solutions to automotive OEMs globally in the era of software-defined and connected vehicles. Nguyen emphasized FPT Software’s unwavering commitment to helping automakers succeed while upholding the highest safety and quality standards.

Managing Director of AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, Bryan Vaughn, praised FPT Software’s significant contribution to the industry. Moreover, he emphasized the company’s crucial role in speeding up AUTOSAR standardization and helping OEMs save time and resources.

With 5,500 experts, FPT Software leads automotive Tech, shaping intelligent, connected vehicles and standing as a prominent industry player.

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