Gradient Raises $10M to Broaden Accessibility to AI Development

Gradient Raises $10M to Broaden Accessibility to AI Development

Gradient, an innovative API platform tailored for AI developers, has proudly announced a remarkable achievement – securing $10 million in seed funding. This funding round was led by Wing VC, with additional participation from Mango Capital and Tokyo Black. These funds will play a pivotal role in the evolution of Gradient’s mission of revolutionizing LLM application development and making AI more accessible.

Gradient is a pioneering platform that empowers companies to harness their private data to create large-scale custom AI models through its developer platform. Utilizing cutting-edge LLMs like Llama2, Gradient has simplified the development process for developers. Developers can effortlessly create and merge thousands of finely-tuned LLMs, offering a cost-effective and streamlined approach that was previously unattainable.

Furthermore, Gradient provides proprietary LLMs tailored to the healthcare, finance, and law sectors. Additionally, these models can be further fine-tuned to address specific domain-related challenges. Gradient operates on a pay-as-you-go model for public platform usage, ensuring cost efficiency.

Chris Zeoli, Partner at Wing VC, acknowledges the transformative potential of Gradient’s approach, stating,

“Building a custom, production-ready AI application typically requires a team of data engineers, machine learning experts, and data scientists – a huge amount of infrastructure investment – but that’s all set to change.”

Key Features of Gradient

  • Full Model Ownership: Gradient enables companies to maintain full ownership and control over their AI applications.
  • Rapid LLM Creation: The developer platform simplifies the tuning of hundreds of LLMs, making it easy to incorporate models to tackle complex use cases.
  • Domain Expert LLMs: Gradient empowers businesses to build on the foundation of Llama2 models and domain-specific expert models for sectors like finance, healthcare, and law.
  • Security and Privacy: Gradient offers the ability to produce models in sensitive environments, ensuring the protection of user data and compliance with SOC2 and HIPAA standards.

Transforming Industries with AI

Gradient’s developer platform has garnered the attention of application developers, product teams, and ML engineers across various industries. It has reshaped their approach to harnessing the potential of AI, enabling them to address diverse business needs effectively.

Gradient’s founders, Christopher Chang, Mark Huang, and Forrest Moret, recognized the need for accelerated AI development. Their vision has evolved into a promising platform. Gradient is poised to democratize AI access and fuel the next wave of AI models through the AI Cloud platform.

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