PestCo Holdings Expands Portfolio with Live Oak and PestBan+

PestCo Holdings Expands Portfolio with Live Oak and PestBan+

PestCo Holdings, a Thompson Street Capital Partners portfolio company, has announced the acquisition of two prominent Texas-based pest control firms, Live Oak Pest Control and PestBan+. These purchases represent a significant milestone in PestCo’s expansion plan, solidifying the company’s position as a market leader in pest control.

PestCo Holdings, backed by Thompson Street Capital Partners, has expanded and innovated. Adding Live Oak Pest Control and PestBan+ to its portfolio underscores its commitment to providing comprehensive and top-tier pest control services to clients throughout Texas.

PestCo Holdings Expands Reach with Live Oak and PestBan+ Acquisitions

Live Oak in San Antonio, Texas, offers residential and commercial pest management services, whereas PestBan+ in Dallas, Texas, specializes in commercial pest treatment, particularly in multi-family areas. The financial details of these deals have yet to be made public.

These acquisitions are PestCo’s twelfth and thirteenth investments. The firm was founded to unify the severely fragmented pest control sector. As PestCo Holdings expands its presence throughout Texas and beyond, it illustrates its commitment to providing pest management solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction. The company’s commitment to quality and its goal of being a dependable partner for community pest control requirements are both shown by the acquisitions of Live Oak Pest Control and PestBan+.

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