UFT’s Water Sector Growth: Key Acquisitions Lead the Way

UFT’s Water Sector Growth: Key Acquisitions Lead the Way

H.I.G. Capital, a global alternative investment powerhouse overseeing $59 billion in equity capital, is thrilled to announce a milestone achieved by its portfolio gem, United Flow Technologies (UFT). UFT is prominent in the municipal and industrial water and wastewater sectors. It has successfully executed strategic acquisitions, bringing Kodru-Mooney, Macaulay Controls Company (Macaulay), and Iowa Pump Works into its fold.

These acquisitions represent UFT’s expansion playbook, fortifying its market presence. Each of these three entities contributes a treasure trove of experience and specialized knowledge, rendering them valuable additions to the UFT family. They hold a high reputation as providers of top-quality products and services for municipal water and wastewater segments across the United States.

What makes these acquisitions particularly compelling is their dual impact of enriching UFT’s product portfolio and extending its geographical footprint. Additionally, they set the stage for forming partnerships with OEMs.

In this new framework, UFT will work closely with Kodru-Mooney, Macaulay, and Iowa Pump Works leadership teams. This integrated approach ensures a seamless transition and the ongoing prosperity of these enterprises.

Matt Hart, UFT’s CEO, exudes enthusiasm, declaring, “We extend a warm welcome to Kodru-Mooney, Macaulay, and Iowa Pump Works into the UFT family. As market stalwarts in their respective regions, boasting complementary products and services, these ventures harmonize seamlessly with the UFT platform.”

Rahul Vinnakota, Managing Director at H.I.G., underscores the strategic import of these acquisitions. He emphasizes that these investments align with their strategy of acquiring top-notch, complementary businesses. This strategy aims to expand UFT’s product range, reach, and value for customers.

While the transaction details remain undisclosed, it’s evident that UFT is positioning itself for growth in the water and wastewater industry.

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