Atropos Health launches Geneva OS and ChatRWD

Atropos Health launches Geneva OS and ChatRWD

Atropos Health, a leader in evidence generation for healthcare, announced the launch of the GENEVA OS ™ (Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System) and the ChatRWD ™ (Real World Data) application.

A study by Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute, which evaluated the responses from GPT3.5 and GPT4 to 64 real healthcare questions, highlighted a significant challenge in the reliability of AI-generated information. The findings revealed that these AI models did not always provide trustworthy answers, and nearly 50% of clinicians faced difficulties in determining whether the responses aligned with established medical literature. Moreover, this issue raised concerns about the ethical and safety implications of utilizing generative AI in healthcare.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Reliability and Accuracy

In response to these concerns, healthcare and life science leaders have taken proactive measures to address the ethical and safety challenges with generative AI technologies. Innovative solutions like GENEVA OS and ChatRWD coincide with these efforts. Furthermore, Atropos designed these advancements to enhance the reliability and accuracy of AI-generated responses in the healthcare sector.

ChatRWD is the first Generative AI application incorporating direct Chat-to-Database capability. It’s designed to assist healthcare and life science leaders in advancing and expediting evidence-generation processes. In addition, the Geneva Operating System (OS) uses natural language processing and generative AI to analyze real-world clinical data quickly. This enables users without technical expertise to obtain high-quality results in just minutes.

The new service allows people without technical skills to create high-quality research studies using anonymous patient data quickly. While ChatGPT responses rely solely on information from the internet, ChatRWD responses use real-world data from the Atropos Evidence Network. In addition, its responses rely on existing proprietary technology already used in the Green Button Informatics Consult Service. Furthermore, this saves organizations time, money, and staffing resources. Introducing these products marks a move toward customizing healthcare, an area increasingly dependent on AI and machine learning technologies.

Atropos Health's ChatRWD

Source: Atropos Health

Co-founded and CEO of Atrpopos Health, Brigham Hyde, said in a statement:

“Evidence generation is the key to improving care and outcomes. The GENEVA OS represents a critical infrastructure layer for the healthcare ecosystem that can rapidly, accurately, and transparently convert healthcare data into personalized evidence. In addition, our ChatRWD user application represents an evolutionary jump in the speed and user experience by which evidence can be generated. Building on the core technology behind our Green Button Informatics Consult Service, users can now generate publication grade Real World Evidence from hundreds of millions of patients’ deidentified medical records in minutes.”

Current Atropos Health users have access to GENEVA OS, and the company is welcoming beta users for the ChatRWD application.

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