Suniva Upgrades Norcross Solar Facility

Suniva Upgrades Norcross Solar Facility

Suniva, a solar cell manufacturer that declared bankruptcy in 2017, has revealed plans to upgrade and relaunch its production in Norcross, Georgia. Due to the setbacks faced by cheap solar imports, the company filed a petition for Section 201 trade tariffs on foreign solar cells and panels, and its success played a significant role in its decision to restart the manufacturing process.

Cristiano Amoruso, Chief Executive Officer and Suniva Board member, expressed optimism about the expansion, stating,

“Since our establishment in 2007, Suniva has been a leader in solar cell technology development and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act and its Domestic Content provisions provide a strong foundation for advancing solar cell technology production in the United States. We look forward to working closely with our customers to meet the growing demand for reliable U.S.-manufactured solar cells.”

Earlier this year, the company secured a $110 million financing commitment from Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC). This funding enables the company to expand its operations across the United States, providing American-made solar cells suitable for various applications, including ground-mounted installations and rooftop setups.

This expansion is anticipated to create approximately 240 full-time job opportunities and increase Suniva’s manufacturing capacity to an impressive 1GW.

The production is expected to commence by the spring of 2024. A second phase of expansion is planned, which aims to further enhance annual production capacity to up to 2.5GW.

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