Cloud Security Reinforced: Box and CrowdStrike Unite Against Cyber Threats

Cloud Security Reinforced: Box and CrowdStrike Unite Against Cyber Threats

Box, Inc., and CrowdStrike have joined forces to enhance cloud data security and combat data-related breaches. Their collaboration integrates Box’s secure content management with CrowdStrike’s AI-powered security platform, enabling real-time access control and threat prevention.

This collaboration utilizes CrowdStrike Falcon’s Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) technology to extend security across the cloud-to-endpoint-to-application network. Security teams can detect malicious files and configure security policies directly from Box’s administrative console. The partnership plans to offer comprehensive insights for risk assessment, policy development, and swift remedial actions. The integration is set to be available by year-end, emphasizing their commitment to robust cloud security. Specific pricing details will be disclosed upon general availability.

Box and CrowdStrike are expanding their partnership to assist smaller organizations with modern cybersecurity solutions. The initiative includes offering SMB solutions like CrowdStrike Falcon Go and Falcon Pro to strengthen data security for diverse businesses.

This expansion underscores their commitment to catering to varying business sizes needing robust cybersecurity measures. The integrated solution is expected to be accessible to customers by year-end, emphasizing a joint dedication to improving cloud security. Specific pricing and packaging details will be disclosed upon general availability.

The collaboration with CrowdStrike will set a new standard for securing cloud-based files, offering native security solutions to protect data within and outside a company’s perimeter. Aaron Levie, Co-Founder and CEO of Box, said in a statement:

“With the volume and cost of data breaches on the rise, it is critical for businesses to quickly identify threats and effectively contain attacks before they cause business disruption. Our mission at Box is to create a trusted platform that helps businesses of all sizes securely share, manage, and collaborate on their content from any device and across any application. By partnering with CrowdStrike, the defining market leader for AI-native cybersecurity built for the cloud era, we are setting a new standard for securing files in the cloud providing native security solutions that protect data inside and outside of their company’s perimeter without getting in the way of work.”

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