Secures Patent for AI Governance Framework Secures Patent for AI Governance Framework

Ottawa-based firm has obtained a U.S. patent for its Machine Trust Index (MTI) methodology. MIT is a standardized system that assesses the trustworthiness of AI algorithms. This achievement bolsters NuEnergy’s position in the competitive landscape of AI transparency and accountability. Founded in 2017 by Niraj Bhargava and a team of experts, has been at the forefront of addressing the challenges posed by AI. The firm recognized the need for an independent third-party approach to AI governance.

The patent, titled ‘Methods and Systems for the Measurement of Relative Trustworthiness for Technology Enhanced with AI Learning Algorithms,’ is a monumental achievement for It signifies a commitment to bridging the gap in AI accountability by offering a transparent and auditable method to evaluate AI trustworthiness.

CEO and co-founder Niraj Bhargava said in a news release.

“This patent is not just a certificate. It is a recognition of the necessity of research and investments to generate valued solutions to a growing problem that has yet to be fully addressed”


CEO and co-founder of Niraj Bhargava.

CEO and co-founder Niraj Bhargava. Image Credits:

MTI simplifies intricate AI evaluations into a user-friendly zero to 100 score. It serves a crucial role in keeping enterprise leadership informed about the trustworthiness of their AI tools. One distinctive feature of MTI is its adaptability to many industries. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare, transportation, and government agencies. Furthermore, this customization ensures that the assessment remains relevant and provides actionable insights for each industry. has also devised methodologies to address the challenges posed by opaque “black box” AI models. These methods enable indirect evaluation which is crucial in scenarios where direct examination of an AI system is not possible.

“We have methodologies for measuring inputs and outputs of models that you may not have access to the training data of. We essentially generate test data to get to the machine trust index,” said Bhargava.

As AI systems continue to permeate various facets of modern life, NuEnergy’s work offers an invaluable paradigm for ethical and inclusive AI development. Moreover, the issuance of this patent reinforces their position as a pioneer in responsible AI governance.

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