Pack Announces €500,000 Pre-Seed Funding Round

Pack Announces €500,000 Pre-Seed Funding Round

HR tech company Pack recently announced its €500,000 pre-seed funding round. Prominent investors include Praxi Spa, Techstars, Ad Maiora Srl, C360, and Happily Welfare Srl. The round also saw strategic business angels join including Emilio Cosso (CEO, Bergen Engines), Andrea Sacco (CEO, Isonova), and Achilleas Kotrozos (CEO, Growth Pal).

Pack will use the funds from its pre-seed round to expand across Europe. Its focus will be on Spain, Greece, and Portugal. The company intends to hire additional coaches and mentors while enhancing its exclusive digital platform integrated with AI technology to oversee international leadership programs. Pack has collaborated with over 15 multinational corporations to digitalize their training and development processes.

Pietro Maria Picogna, CEO of Pack, said in a statement:

“There are still very few companies in the world investing in digitalising their HR processes using AI. The entry of strategic financial and industrial partners demonstrates that it is possible to kickstart this trend in our country to continue improving the job market worldwide.

At Pack, access to top global talents is crucial. In the coming months, we will significantly expand our network of coaches and mentors available for our partner companies. Additionally, we will complete our scientific committee, composed of some of the most important PhDs globally.”

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