Mario Party 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on Oct. 26

Mario Party 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch Online on Oct. 26

On October 26, Mario Party 3 will join the Nintendo Switch Online library with the Expansion Pack, allowing online multiplayer fun. This exciting addition rekindles the nostalgia of legendary Nintendo 64 gatherings, delivering hours of friendly competition. Nintendo fans can relish the joy of this revival as they gather their gaming crew for an epic gaming experience.

The updated Mario Party 3 introduces fresh elements, featuring the mischievous Waluigi and the delightful Daisy as playable characters. Waluigi brings his chaotic board, Waluigi’s Island, filled with clever traps. With a lineup of over 70 multiplayer mini-games, including classics like Tick Tock Hop and Snowball Summit, the game promises endless entertainment. Players can expect a blend of new and nostalgic fun in this exciting Mario Party addition.

Mario Party 3 brings an exciting twist to the franchise with its debut Story mode, inviting players on a quest to claim the title of the ultimate Superstar. The game’s six dynamic boards, dual mode, new items, and the ever-mysterious Game Guy promise endless hours of entertainment.

For those holding a Nintendo Switch Online or Expansion Pack membership, the game offers the thrill of online play, access to classic games, and the chance to save on select digital games using Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers. Not part of the club yet? Don’t worry, as a seven-day free trial awaits. This release underscores Nintendo’s unwavering commitment to delivering fantastic experiences to their gaming community. So, gather your friends and family for the grand unveiling of Mario Party 3 on October 26; it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

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