WhatsApp-Integrated AI Assistant Luzia Raises €9.5M

WhatsApp-Integrated AI Assistant Luzia Raises €9.5M

Luzia, an AI assistant with Spanish and Portuguese capabilities, has recently secured €9.5 million in its third funding round. Prominent investors, such as Khosla Ventures, Abstract Ventures, FJ Labs, Globo Ventures, and Gasol16 Ventures, led this round. The chatbot is available in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

Luzia’s CEO, Álvaro Higes, expressed the significance of this investment stating that,

“This investment represents a significant stride toward realizing Luzia’s mission: to democratize the power of artificial intelligence and bridge the technological divide. Our goal is to make Luzia the most user-friendly and efficient personal assistant globally.”

WhatsApp-Integrated AI Assistant Luzia Raises €9.5M

Source: Luzia

In an English-based AI assistants-dominated market, Luzia addresses a significant gap by catering to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking users. The company also tries to enhance AI accessibility by integrating its chatbot into popular messaging platforms, WhatsApp and Telegram. This move targets individuals who may be unfamiliar with AI apps or have reservations about external chatbots.

LuziaLuzia employs a combination of AI models, including GPT-3.5/4, Llama, and Kandinsky, to facilitate interactions, translations, and real-time image processing. It uses the user’s phone number to determine the country they are in and adapts its language to either Spanish, Portuguese, or English accordingly.

Within only six months, Luzia has gained 17 million users. This successful fundraising will help the company introduce new features, hire talent, and expand globally.

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